We have extensive experience coaching individuals and teams. We also work with organizations to build coaching capacity through Peer/Cohort designs and Leader as Coach Development Programs.

Our approach to coaching is focused on actions and behaviors of the leader and the impact it has on key stakeholders and the business. It entails:

  • Engaging the leader in real strategic issues with data about themselves as leaders and the impact they are having on others and the organization.
  • Providing content and information relevant to themselves as leaders and the business issues

This approach accelerates their development as leaders and business results. Typically the coaching is focused on two levels:

  • Action plan to develop as a leader, and
  • Action plan to push forward a business initiative or the client’s leadership agenda for the business.

How We Measure Success

We typically engage with an individual client for a 6 –12 month period.

We do progress checks on how the action plans are progressing and if the coaching relationship is working well. The measures are negotiated at the action-planning phase and typically include assessments of key stakeholder’s perception of how the individual is progressing against their leadership development agenda.

At 6 or 12 months we are measuring for sustained behavior change and achieved results or major milestone indicators in the business.