We have proven approaches to integrating assessment data with development activities that yield acceleration in business effectiveness.

We have the ability to custom build 360 Degree, Peer Feedback and Team Acceleration surveys. We also have experience with a wide range of 360 instruments our clients choose to use in their Leadership Development programs.

Feedback reinforces priorities, heightens awareness of the need to change and provides insight into how to change.

We discuss the feedback with the individuals helping them to understand the data, minimize their own blind spots, and clarify potential unintended consequences of their actions.

We work with them to develop actions steps that will enhance individual effectiveness, impact on others and impact on their business.

We have extensive experience with a range of personality inventories, organizational psychology frameworks and energy management instruments. We integrate psychometric instruments with data collected from stakeholders to provide a holistic understanding of the feedback and the impact of perceptions.

Sample instruments we have experience with include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation Behavior (FIROB)
  • Life Orientations Training Instrument Mode (LIFO)
  • Thomas Kilman Conflict Instrument Mode (TKI)
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
  • Focus Energy Balance Report (FEBI)
  • Human Performance Institute Energy Profile (HPI)
  • Hogan Assessments:
    • Leadership Forecast Challenge Report
    • Leadership Forecast Values Report
    • Leadership Forecast Potential Report