It has been estimated that 40 % of executives fail within the first 18 months on the job regardless of whether they were hired from the outside or promoted from within.   Organizations that fail to support leader transitions have higher costs from derailment, underperformance, potential loss of valuable talent and organizational reputation.

We offer both Individual Leader and Team Transition coaching to help beat those odds.

Executive Leader Acceleration – Structured Process for the Individual Leader

We take a newly hired or promoted leader through a structured process for assessing their situation by integrating personal leadership strengths and vulnerabilities with cultural and business requirements. We help the leader define key success factors for their transition – both business outcomes and leadership effectiveness.

We provide one on one support to help the leader diagnose the business and team situation, align their business requirements, understand key stakeholder relationships and leverage their time for greatest impact.

We provide customized coaching and advice throughout the transition.

Team Acceleration- Experiences and Conversations for the Team in Transition

We provide a team acceleration survey feedback process and design team experiences, which drive alignment on goals, roles and accountability, establishes shared operating processes and develops productive team dynamics.