We believe we can build leadership as a competitive advantage.


We have a bias towards action. Leaders need to be working on real time issues while developing leadership skills and behaviors. It accelerates their learning and delivers tangible results. We do not deliver traditional classroom based programs. We custom build action oriented learning methodologies into all of our programs that are proven to be relevant and have immediate impact.

Why Integrate Action Learning into a Leadership Development Program?

  • Solves Real Business Problems While Developing Leaders
  • High Degree of Transfer to Current and Future Leadership Roles
  • Supports Succession Planning/Talent Development Efforts
  • Builds Future Leadership Capacity
  • Learning is Leveraged Across the Organization

Our Program format is interactive and engaging. We use a coaching component that brings to life feedback and individual development planning. We use Executives teaching other Leaders to ground the content in business culture. We use real business issues not case studies as the background to develop leadership skills and behaviors. We measure the success of the programs by delivering business results.


Every client is unique and has different complexities that they are facing. We can develop custom experiences that accelerate business transformation, organizational or strategic change.

Our clients often want to build leader capacity in a specific business situation to maximize their development investment and leverage for immediate impact.

Whether that is an offsite meeting with an Executive Team on how they lead through a major change or crisis, or an investment in an individual leader or team going through a transition that is critical to the success of the business we can custom a high impact solution to meet your needs.